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Two 5oz bottles of Hissy Fit Hot Sauce

Two 5oz bottles of Hissy Fit Hot Sauce

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Are you a fan of traditional, tangy Louisiana style hot sauce, but looking for something with a modern twist? Look no further than Hissy Fit Hot Sauce!

Launched in 2020, Hissy Fit has has quickly become a favorite among foodies and hot sauce lovers alike. Our secret blend of cayenne peppers and spices creates a flavor that's both bold and sassy, tangy and familiar, with just the right amount of heat.

Hissy Fit is the perfect addition to any meal, from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. Eggs, omelettes, sandwiches, fries, oysters, soups, chicken wings, popcorn or simply drizzle it on top of your favorite dishes for a burst of flavor.

Our nod to the red sauce we all grew up with, Hissy Fit is the hot sauce that gives your taste buds a tantrum to howl with delight. Whether you're a spice-lover or just looking to add some flavor to your meals, Hissy Fit is the perfect choice and 21st century table sauce.

So why settle for the old style, antiquated hot sauce when you can have a au courant, explosive Hissy Fit? Try it today and experience the perfect combination of tang, heat and flavor!


2023 - Southern Living Magazine, Best Gifts for Foodies 2023


2020 - 3rd, The International Flavor Awards, Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

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