About Us

 Samantha Swan and Paul Cheek taste Relish in their family home on Cottage Lane in Chapel Hill NC

We are a woman owned, family business with generational ties to Chapel Hill, NC and a genetic, deep love of spicy pepper relish and all things spicy.

About Cottage Lane Kitchen:   

Cottage Lane Kitchen Four Generations One Kitchen
Cottage Lane is hidden in the heart of Chapel Hill where at least one member of our family has lived since 1922. 
And in one home on the lane, four generations have cooked and preserved pepper relish in the same kitchen out of love and tradition.
This is the origin of the business name, Cottage Lane Kitchen - to honor a very special place and acknowledge our family legacy.     
Cheek Family residence in White Cross, Orange County, NC    Family Residence on Cottage Lane, Chapel Hill NC
         Then                                                      Now
About our Products:
This is not your ordinary relish. We create a fiery, distinctive Southern Pepper Relish!  Made from fresh chile peppers, with not a cucumber in sight, our relish has a modern, bold SPICY flavor with a firecracker personality to boot!  We have two flavors - The Switch is based on an heirloom family recipe. Its name embraces our southern roots and identifies its  zippy sweet/heat character while Cape Fear is a modern recipe and its name identifies its lingering habanero fruity/fiery character. People say they bite back, but we prefer to say they nibble.
They are sodium free and use all fresh chile peppers that have been chopped and slow cooked in apple cider vinegar. Both provide ‘just enough heat to make you happy’ and make your dishes sing with delight! We believe our relish, with ‘No pickles, just peppers!’, will become a staple on your table as it has been on ours for generations.
And 2020 was the year of Hissy Fit Hot Sauce! Launched during the pandemic, Hissy Fit is our answer to the ubiquitous southern vinegar based hot sauce.  We've added our own special blend of spices and tasty twist for the modern palate. With the perfect amount of tangy smoky heat, it's the gourmet artisanal southern sauce updated for the 21st century.
We are proud of the lineage of our recipes; our history in Chapel Hill, NC where our home has been for generations; the quality of the ingredients used in our products and the bold flavors we continue to preserve.
Cheek family altar with relative photos, Chapel Hill NC

Meet the CLK TEAM: