Here’s a list of our most common FAQs.

What are your ingredients?
We keep it clean and easy to read!  See for yourself!

Get Me A Switch Spicy Pepper Relish Label
Cape Fear Spicy Pepper Relish bottle label

Hissy Fit Hot Sauce by Cottage Lane


How spicy is it?

Well, how long is a piece of a string?
You have to try it to determine that for yourself.  It’s meant to make you smile, not cry and we call it a 'happy heat’ TM

Are your relishes like pepper jelly?
We say, more pepper, less jelly! Our sugar and sodium content is much lower than pepper jelly and packs a fuller flavor.
Is your relish a chow chow?
While Chow Chow is also a type of relish that may contain peppers along with other vegetables, our relishes first and main ingredient is chile peppers to insure the pepper flavor and heat isn’t diluted.  And again, ours has MUCH less sodium!
So, how do you use your relish?
Our advice, use it like a boring old pickle relish or in place of salsa, chow chow or pepper jelly.  Add it to any of your dishes that need flavorful heat.  Put it on Pizza, Deviled Eggs, Breakfast Tacos, Shrimp and Grits, Hummus, Cream Cheese and Crackers - the list is endless.

Can I use it as a marinade?
We’ve had many loyal customers start marinading with our relishes or adding to ceviches to compliment flavors.  We encourage you to be your own chef and experiment with our relishes.  They won’t let you down on taste or heat.

How long does it keep once I open a bottle?
It's a relish so that means the peppers have been cooked and preserved in vinegar (like a ketchup).  Refrigerate upon opening and it should be good up to five/six months, but you'll probably finish a jar way before then!

I'm addicted to this stuff and put it on everything!  Do you sell in bulk? Larger sizes?
We can accommodate any size order.  We love special occasion orders like wedding favors, corporate parties and birthday surprises.  Contact us to let us know what you need.
How have you won so many awards?
We stand behind the products our family have eaten for generations!  They are made with quality ingredients and from an heirloom recipe - that continues to be a winning combination!  Not to brag, but we've won over 30 awards and still counting!
How can I turn my own family recipe into a commercial retail product?
We suggest starting with your state agricultural department.  But if we can help in any way, just contact us!

Team fear, switch or swear?
Do you have a favorite?  We love both equally and believe that they compliment different foods.  That is why we divided our recipe section, but you can also mix them together to make your own special heated relish.  Have fun and ‘Make it Relicious!’

Cottage Lane Kitchen Spicy Pepper Relishes and Hot Sauce