Collection: Hot Sauce

"Hissy Fit is the BEST! I'm absolutely obsessed with Hissy Fit Hot Sauce! It's got great heat AND flavor. It's one of the only hot sauces that is spicy but the heat doesn't overpower the flavor. I put it on nearly everything... I even keep a little bottle in my purse for "emergencies". - Kate K., Hissy Fit Fan

Our gourmet cayenne pepper vinegar based hot sauce to rival any on the market.

My great-grandmother and grandfather grew cayenne peppers at their home on Cottage Lane. As a child during summer visits, I would shadow my grandfather as he filled the planted holey soup tins beside the growing pepper plants. As an adult, I became the fourth generation to live in that house.

Cayennes remind me of family, home, warmth and flavor and I hope they are proud of this recipe.

Hissy Fit your beans and greens, eggs, and pizza - anything you want smokin' good.